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Salford City - Match Information

Posted: Thu 16 Mar 2017


Initially it was hoped that Stockport County supporters with tickets for the West Stand (terrace) would be able to access the ground via the Moor Lane turnstiles.

Unfortunately, due to ongoing construction work, those turnstiles (Marked as 'Turnstile 'A' on the back of the tickets) will not be accessible.

County supporters with tickets for the standing area should instead use the Nevile Road - West turnstile. This will be marked as Turnstile 'A' and is almost directly opposite the position marked on the back of the ticket.

As previously arranged, Stockport supporters with seat tickets should enter through turnstile 'B' - this is marked on their tickets.


The match is being played at 3pm on Saturday 18th March at Moor Lane, Salford M7 3PZ, where smoking is not permitted.

There are a limited number of disabled parking spaces available. Fans securing a ticket will be given a contact number to call at Salford City in order to organise your parking.

Other fans must park in the vicinity of the ground but be aware of local parking restrictions.