County Store stock Meraki art

The County Store are delighted to be stocking art created by Tom Wilson, an artist and a lifelong County fan from Stockport. He works as a full-time artist and self-published writer in the Manchester area creating a variety of art works including murals, paintings, prints and comic books.

Tom says:

“I’ve always enjoyed writing stories, and applying the strong colourful visuals that comic books offer. I wanted to create something that brought the two things together. I remember reading through a stack of “Roy of the Rovers” Annuals when I was younger, I loved the artwork and wanted to incorporate that with the current Stockport players during what is becoming an incredibly exciting time for the club and the fans.

“I hope fans old and new will enjoy the artworks. I have been fortunate to teach and work with a variety of individuals from different walks of life, bringing us all together through the craft of art. I thank everyone that supports my journey as an artist and a writer. I am incredibly grateful, and I hope to expand my catalogue of art in the near future. The support from the club, fans and the players has been amazing.”

Tom Wilson currently writes two ongoing comic book series: BANDIT CAT CREW and VICTOR VAMPS. Both titles are under his own publishing house, MERAKI COMICS.

For more information on MERAKI art and products including art prints, paintings, comics, commissions and events please visit the Facebook page “Tom Wilson meraki art”, or email at @tomwilsonmerakiart


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