Jim Gannon signs new contract!

The Club are delighted to announce that Jim Gannon has signed a new contract at Edgeley Park until June 2022.

The deal sees Jim and the Club further strengthen their commitment to each other, and to the long-term vision that has been developed following the takeover of the Club in January. This season will see Jim’s 1000th game for the Club as Player and Manager.

As a Player, he made 480 appearances, scoring 64 goals, winning two promotions and reaching the League Cup semi-final in 1997. As Manager, he’s led 491 games across three spells, winning two promotions and the Cheshire Senior Cup.

Alongside Jim, Dave Conlon has also extended his contract as Assistant Manager, and the existing First Team staff of Karlos Lenaghan, Luke Smith and Nick Donnelly have signed full time contracts at Edgeley Park. The Club is also delighted to announce that Sean O’Callaghan has joined the team from Peterborough United as Performance Analyst. 

Simon Wilson, Director of Football said..

“I’m delighted to agree the extension with Jim to provide further stability and continuity in a period with significant change, and continue our upward trajectory under his management.”

“While we are building a new team with a new level of player, we mustn’t lose sight that this has been a winning club over the last period, and we must retain the strong principles and culture Jim has built.  New personnel give us a chance to evolve but there is no need for a revolution here. What is happening is working and it’s just about taking the next steps.”

“In Jim, we benefit not only from his significant managerial experience of the good times, bad times, the levels above that we aspire to reach, and the levels below we want to move away from – but also his deep emotional connection with the club and the town. We always want our football identity to be the identity of the supporters and I strongly believe the most successful managers are able to embody this and bring others along on the journey.”

“Anyone who has met or worked with Jim will know his passion and enthusiasm for Stockport and you just can’t help but be affected! It means more to him, and it ends up meaning more to you. As a consequence you couldn’t find a better professional or personal fit for the manager of this football club.”

“This summer, we move from part-time to full-time and with that commit to an increased level of professionalism. We have subsequently contracted all of Jim’s backroom team to full-time contracts, meaning their sole focus can be on the interests of Stockport County. Part-time work for those who have done it is a breeding ground for efficiency and creativity. But it is also frustrating to not be able to ‘do more’.

“We want to retain the qualities of our part time period but enhance them with the benefits of full time and I know from this group they will deliver that. I look forward to working with them and further supporting their professional development, in order to bring about the best provision for the players.”

“Finally, we are able to address areas of support that due to previous limitations could not been in place, and in Sean O’Callaghan we secure a position that has become a modern essential for any club serious about coaching and development.”

“In Jim and his team, we believe we have the right people in place at the right time to set about achieving our next stage of growth. I invite our supporters to get behind them and enjoy the ride.”

Jim Gannon said…

“Speaking for both myself and the staff, we really appreciate the opportunity of new full-time contracts to take the Club forward, and we are all very excited about how the future is shaping up. It is both a great reward and a real challenge for us.”

“What I feel has stood well for our staff over the last five seasons is their commitment and loyalty to the Club. They have always remained passionate about progressing and building the Club, and now they are so enthusiastic to get working full time to keep Stockport County moving forward.”

“Despite their modest backgrounds, I have always had the utmost respect for the staff as well-educated, hard-working, and open-minded people. Throughout the Club’s growth from part time to hybrid regimes they have always been extremely positive and resourceful in increasing our competitiveness each season, even against the well-funded full-time sides. Year on year growth in the last five seasons is a record we should be proud, and we are keen to continue that progress.”

“For myself, what is also extra exciting is what is coming together all around us. The Club structures are being rebuilt and reinforced with best practice throughout. This is perhaps best symbolised by the new training ground and the additional staff.”

“Simon Wilson has done a great job, in very difficult circumstances, to bring everything together and creating an environment that ensures everyone is well supported and capable of performing at their best. If the right people, in the right roles, are given the best support, progress becomes more than just a possibility. We trust that it moves us towards it being inevitable.”

“With regard to the new staff I would like to welcome Sean O’Callaghan to our football staff as the new performance analyst and I’m sure his skills and expertise will bring an added dimension to our work. Already Sean has fitted in easily with staff on a personal level, and I’m looking forward to working closely with him, to add an area of enhanced knowledge, research, feedback and preparation for the players.” 

“Exciting times lay ahead, and despite the danger of over-expectation and added pressure I feel at ease with the demands. Since the day I walked into the Club I have felt a huge burden to return this club to the Football League. And no matter what resources, my own internal pressure remains the strongest and is at the very heart of my ambition.”

“Looking back, I remain eternally grateful to people like Jimmy Rush and Alan Lord who ensured I wasn’t lost from the game of football. I also hope that I have vindicated John Fitzpatrick, Gary Burton and Richard Park who believed in me as the man to return pride to our great club and start our journey forward. But today, I am very grateful to Mark Stott and Simon Wilson for the trust in the next step on that great mission.”


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