Players benefit from: 

  • 2×1 hour training sessions a week with minimum UEFA B- qualified coaches and ex professionals 
  • Competitive league and cup fixtures 
  • Professional games programme 
  • Technical and tactical sessions 
  • Gym training and program 
  • Pre, mid, and post-season fitness testing 
  • Specialist goalkeeper training 
  • Access to our full-time physiotherapist 
  • Excellent player welfare support 
  • Player reviews to develop your performance 

Games programme – 

We will offer a high quality games programme which will provide the players with opportunities to face different problems and achieve different learning outcomes. Such as a competitive league fixture either in the MYSL or the JPL or a more possession based game against the likes of Manchester United, Manchester City, Burnley, Everton etc. 

Playing philosophy – 

In possession we encourage all players to enjoy and embrace the ball. We want individuals to feel comfortable with the ball at their feet and be competent under pressure, in turn allowing all our teams to be able to play quick possession-based football at a high level. We do this by creating passing/receiving opportunities, by understanding clever movements and rotations that enable the team to break lines and play through the thirds of the pitch. 

Identity and Values –  

An environment where everyone is valued. We make it our responsibility to develop our young players by using the power of football. 

The success of our academy teams is underpinned by a unique way of playing, learning, and thinking. 

Developing players in “THE COUNTY WAY” 

Outrun opponents 
Understand your role 
Never give up 
Team player 
Yes attitude 

To carry out these values to the best of their ability players will need support from all key stakeholders such as parents, family/friends, fellow teammates, and staff. Key stakeholders will be required to work together to ensure this happens. Ultimately, we all want to do our best by the individual player so he can fulfil his potential. 

A huge part of the academy aims is teaching young players to take ownership of their own development to create lifelong habits. Every academy member is provided with an individual learning programme, allowing time to take part in additional individual training drills, and further academy sessions. They are tasked with identifying their own personal goals, while the coach supplements these with team goals. 


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