Sponsor Spotlight: Lynx Taxis “LynxDROP” Scheme!

In this segment of the Sponsor Spotlight, hear what our club sponsor Lynx Taxis have to say and offer at this very difficult time.

Whether you’re in self isolation or would like something delivered to your door we would like to take this opportunity to offer both local businesses and residential customers ‘LynxDROP’ brought to you by Lynx Taxis.. your local taxi and delivery service.

Whether it’s food, groceries, letters, parcels, prescriptions… please call us on 0161 456 4040 for further information or a quotation.

For your and everyone’s health and safety you have the option of paying by card or you can leave the cash in a dedicated safe place for the driver to collect the cash and to drop off your delivery.

As an extra precaution the driver will be wearing protective gloves and maybe a mouth and nose guard. ‘LynxDROP’ looks forward to providing this additional service from Lynx Taxis and thank you kindly for supporting you local taxi company for over 30 years.


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