Hatters Business Club

Welcome to the Hatters Business Club!

In September, we launched our exclusive sponsors networking club – the Hatters Business Club; with the aim to provide a place where our Sponsors can link with the Club to unlock networking opportunities, build contacts and meet new clients.

Hatters Business Club Membership will associate your business with this exciting new initiative, and working with the Club, we can connect you with other local businesses and create a mutually beneficial atmosphere.

Hatters Business Club offers bi-monthly networking events based at various venues (who are also sponsors), which will bring together businesses of all sizes and sectors, encouraging our sponsors to connect and develop relationships with each other. Non-sponsors will also able to attend these events on two occasions.

We are confident this event will give businesses of all sizes an opportunity to promote their brand face-to-face.

For further information please contact Olivia at [email protected]


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