Honours & Records


Vanarama National League North Champions

Football League Division Two Runners Up

Football League Division Three (North) Champions
1921-22, 1936-37

Football League Division Three (North) Runners Up
1928-29, 1929-30

Football League Division Four Champions

Football League Division Four Runners Up

Football League Two Play-Off Winners

Football League Division Two Play-Off Finalists

Football League Division Three Play-Off Finalists

Football League Trophy Finalists
1991-92, 1992-93

Football League Division Three (North) Cup Winners

Football League Division Three (North) Cup Finalists

Lancashire League Winners

Lancashire Combination Winners

Cheshire League Runners-Up (Reserves)
1909-10, 1927-28, 1936-37

Manchester Senior Cup Winners
1897-98, 1898-99, 1914-15, 1922-23

Cheshire Senior Cup Winners
1905-06, 1914-15, 1965-66, 2015-16

Cheshire Medal Winners
1922-23, 1924-25, 1928-29, 1929-30, 1930-31

Cheshire Bowl Winners
1933-34, 1948-49, 1952-53, 1955-56, 1956-57, 1958-59, 1960-61, 1962-63

Cheshire Friendly Trophy Winners
1965-66, 1966-67

Cheshire Premier Cup Winners
1969-70, 1970-71, 2010-11


Individual Records
Most League AppearancesAndy Thorpe, 489, 1978-86, 1989-92
Most League GoalsJack Connor, 132, 1951-56
Highest Scorer In A League SeasonAlf Lythgoe, 46, 1933-34
Most FA Cup AppearancesJack ‘Tiger’ Bowles, 31, 1938-51
Most FA Cup Goals8 – Jack Connor and Joe Foster (1951-56 and 1897-1905)
Most League Cup AppearancesJim Gannon, 37, 1991-2000
Most League Cup GoalsAlun Armstrong, 8, 1994-97
Record Transfer Fee Received£1.6million from Middlesbrough for Alun Armstrong, Feb 1998
Record Transfer Fee Paid£800,000 to Nottingham Forest for Ian Moore, July 1998
Youngest League PlayerPaul Turnbull, 16 years 97 days v Wrexham, April 30 2005
Oldest League PlayerAlex Herd, 47 years 40 days v Crewe Alex, 25 December 1951
Most Capped PlayerJarkko Wiss, 9, Finland
Club Records
First League Gamev Leicester Fosse, 1st September 1900
First FA Cup Gamev Halliwell Rovers, 25th October 1892
First League Cup Gamev Carlisle United, 10th October 1960
Most goals scored in a season115 – 1933/34, Division Three (North)
Most goals scored at home84 – 1933/34, Division Three (North)
Most goals scored away40 – 1956/57, Division Three (North)
Least goals scored in a season27 – 1969/70, Division Four
Least goals scored at home17 – 1969/70, Division Four
Least goals scored away8 – 1901/02, Division Two
Most goals conceded in a season102 – 2001/02, Division One
Most goals conceded at home46 – 2004/05, League One
Most goals conceded away69 – 1925/26, Division Two
Least goals conceded in a season21 – 1921/22, Division Three (North)
Least goals conceded at home10 – 1921/22, Division Three (North); 1959/60, Division Three (North)
Least goals conceded away11 – 1921/22, Division Three (North)
The Football League record for winning consecutive matches without conceding a goal9 – 2006/07, League Two
Record Results
Record League Home Victory13-0 v Halifax Town, 6th January 1934
Record FA Cup Home Victory7-0 v Wrexham, 4th December 1893
Record League Cup Home Victory6-3 v Mansfield Town, 24th August 1997
Record League Home Defeat0-6 v Peterborough United, 2nd February 1961
Record FA Cup Home Defeat0-5 v West Bromwich Albion, 16th February 1935
Record League Cup Home Defeat0-7 v Sheffield Wednesday, 6th October 1986
Record League Away Win7-1 v Bradford City, 18th September 1965
Record FA Cup Away Win7-2 v King’s Lynn, 14th December 1912
Record League Cup Away Win5-2 v Sheffield United, 24th September 1996
Record League Away Defeat0-9 v Everton res., 9th December, 1893
Record FA Cup Away Defeat1-8 v Bury, 29th October 1892
Record League Cup Away Defeat0-7 v Crystal Palace, 4th September 1979

Record Attendances

Record Home League Attendance27,304 v Lincoln City, 1st May 1937
Record Home FA Cup Attendance27,883 v Liverpool, 11th February 1950
Record Home League Cup Attendance16,535 v Norwich City, 1st November 1972
Lowest Home League Attendance1,039 v Southend United, 15th February 1985
Lowest Home FA Cup Attendance2,001 v Peterborough*, 6th November 2010
Lowest Home League Cup Attendance1,476 v Carlisle United, 18th August 1987
Record Away League Attendance43,500 v Manchester United, 10th April 1925
Record Away FA Cup Attendance51,851 v Liverpool, 30th January 1965
Record Away League Cup Attendance42,384 v Manchester United, 30th August 1978
Lowest Away League Attendance500 v Glossop, 17th April 1915
Lowest Away FA Cup Attendance1,358 v Southport, 29th October 2011
Lowest Away League Cup Attendance1,433 v Tranmere Rovers, 2nd September 1986

* Only complete figures are counted. In the early days of the FA Cup, two games were recorded as 500; some crowds were simply reported as ‘moderate’.


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