Football Education | Player of the Year: Seb Evans

Second-year goalkeeper Seb Evans has been awarded Football Education Player of the Year, after a string of impressive performances over the course of the season.

Seb has provided numerous excellent stops during his time at SSV, which hasn’t gone unnoticed amongst the Football Education staff.

We caught up with Seb to gather his thoughts on the award:

You’ve just won Football Education Player of the Year, how does that feel?

I feel honoured to be honest. There are a lot of people across all teams in the Football Education, and there’ll be a lot of candidates. It’s a privilege.

How surprised were you to be given the award?

Very surprised. I was sat at the back of the room at the awards ceremony, not expecting much and letting it go by. All of a sudden my name was called out, so I was very surprised.

How much have you enjoyed the two years at the Football Education?

It’s been great. It’s been the best of both worlds between education and football, and helped me to do what I want to do moving forward.

What would you say to somebody looking to join the course?

It allows you to plan for your future, more than you think. It allows you to go on to do what you want to do after the two years. You’ll have a laugh, you’ll gain a lot of friends and you’ll make a lot of memories.


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