Platinum Membership

What is a Platinum Membership and how can I get involved?

The Platinum Membership scheme is a way for local businesses to get involved with our Lottery on a more substantial scale, Platinum Members will pay £5 weekly and would receive a number of Club related benefits in return as well as receiving 5 times more chances of winning our weekly Jackpot prize.

From £5 per week (£21.66 per month via direct debit) businesses will help the club do even more in the local community by way of its sports, health, and education projects.

Details on what members will receive for £5 per week as a platinum member include;

  • 35 Entries into weekly draw (7 numbers per £1) 
  • 2 Tickets for SCFC Corporate Hospitality per season
  • 6 X Match Tickets per season
  • 25% Discount on “Keep it County” subscriptions
  • 15% Discount on Corporate Hospitality
  • 20% Discount on SCFC Match day Mascot packages
  • Your Name/Company featured in our weekly results

To sign up today click here! If you are already a member of our Lottery and wish to upgrade to Platinum Membership, please contact the Lottery Team by calling 0161 518 7008, or emailing them at [email protected].


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