Sam Minihan takes part in Live Q&A

County right-back Sam Minihan took control of our Twitter page yesterday for a live Q&A session with the fans, covering a wide range of topics from what it felt like to win the league, to fighting Festus Arthur sized ducks.

See below for all his answers, and catch up on how it went:

Q: #AskSam how did it feel to win the league?

A: The best feeling I’ve ever had in football!

Q: #asksam is it true you use you’re minons shirt as a nightie?

A: Guilty!

Q: #AskSam – All serious, what is your favourite game that you’ve played in?

A: Has to be the Nuneaton game. Never experienced an atmosphere like it!

Q: #asksam who’s the best player in training?

A: Training is always intense but the stand out for me has to be Connor Dimaio. Gives his all every session and is naturally so gifted.

Q: How does playing for Stockport County (and playing at Edgeley Park) differ from other clubs you’ve played at? #StockportCounty #AskSam

A: The scale and loyalty of our fanbase both home and away is second to none. There’s a genuine family-feel to the club that is shown from the top-down. This is why the club stands out for me.

Q: Did your dad play for CSKA Sofia? #AskSam

A: Unfortunately this is fake news! This was the name of one of his old Sunday league teams.

Q: #AskSam #stockportcounty a majority of us watched the live stream of the game vs Curzon last weekend, how did it feel being on the pitch when the news was filtering through of the Chorley game?

A: I remember getting Goosebumps when I heard the roar from our fans. The adrenaline went straight to my head; I ran the full length of the pitch and fouled their lad!

Q: Favourite County memory, other than winning the league? #AskSam

A: The standing ovation I got when I came back from injury against Leamington at EP. This really meant a lot to me.

Q: What motivates you to keep producing your best, especially when we’re going through a bad run of form? #AskSam

A: To keep striving for that winning feeling. There’s nothing like it. As a player, I never want to let my team mates down and I want to play a part in getting this club back to where it belongs.

Q; Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized Festus Arthur’s or 1 Festus Arthur sized duck? #AskSam

A: 1 Festus Arthur sized duck!

Q: When did you realise your move to #stockportcounty was the best move you have ever done? #AskSam

A: When I stepped out against Alfreton for my first league match. It became real how huge this football club is. Helped that Gary Stopforth sliced a late winner in too.

Q: On a scale of one to buzzing, what does it mean to you to be named in a Cult Heroes Xl with players from our Championship team? #AskSam

A: It genuinely does mean everything.

Q: Sam who do you share a room with when you have an overnight stay before a long distance away game?

A: I’ve always shared ‘Rooms’ with Ash Palmer. Provides the best snacks and doesn’t snore. #bonus

Q: #AskSam In the Programme Q&A, you Said Jay Jay Okcoha was your Boyhood​ Idol. Interesting Choice. Did you Get to See Him at the Reebok a lot?

A: Never got to see him live but loved his attitude towards the game!

Q: #AskSam what was your first position when you started playing football?

A: I started as a central midfielder and then gradually got told to move further away from goal!

Q: Who’s the most talented footballer you’ve played both with, and against? #AskSam

A: With: Jason Kennedy when I was at Rochdale. Against: Raheem Sterling.

Q: #asksam what was the goal at Wrexham like?

A: Euphoric!

Q: #AskSam our son Rowan would like to know, how often do you shave your head because you are quite young?

A: I am far too young to be bald, that’s true (thanks dad). To answer the question, I shave twice a week. Although currently its everyday to pass the time.

Q: Are there any ex-County team mates you’re still in touch with? #AskSam

A: Keep in touch with quite a lot! Warbs, Stotty and Monty to name a few… Lucky to have played alongside so many top lads.

Q: Do you think we can still go up if the season resumes? #AskSam

A: Absolutely!

Q: How many hours training did you do when you were 10 years old? Also what age did you start playing football?

A: I signed for Rochdale’s academy when I was 6 and trained every night. I knew I had to work hard to make a career out of my passion.

Q: #AskSam Coke or Pepsi?

A: Pepsi.

Q: Who is the most underrated player you’ve ever played with/against? #asksam

A: Whenever I’m asked this I always say Keano. An all-round class player.

Q: Who was your fave player growing up? #AskSam

A: Has to be Paul Scholes. Magician.

Q: Me and my friends are going for a city break in Europe when Coronavirus has done one. Where should we go, Sam? #AskSam

A: Iceland for me. Make sure you take your wallet.

Q: What’s the best heckle you’ve received? Or heard to another player? #AskSam

A: Every away game so far this season, fans sing… ‘Harry Potter he’s coming for you’. Love that stuff!

Q: What’s your favourite part of working with the foundation? Always good to see and have a kick about with you on a Monday for the mental health session!

A: Getting to meet and build up so many relationships with our fans! The foundation do a great job and make such a positive impact on all of the community!

Q: Favourite County song excluding your own chant? #AskSam

A: Ashley Palmer’s Magic!

Q: #asksam #stockportcounty my 7-year-old daughter wants to know, what are your favourite pringles?

A: Prawn Cocktail.

Q: How much better is Stockport Gin than standard cheap champagne for Man of the Match? And who prefers it more…players or WAGS?

A: Nothing beats Stockport Gin, (ask my Mrs!)

Our Live Q&A sessions will return next Monday at 5pm, with Ash Palmer in the driving seat!


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