As outlined during the first phase of consultation, our approach to the expansion of Edgeley Park is to increase the stadium’s capacity gradually over time, in line with our success on the pitch.

We anticipate that the demand for tickets will increase as we rise through the Football League, and we want to be able to accommodate our supporters, both new and old. Our approach ultimately looks to balance investment into improving on-field success and the fan experience inside Edgeley Park with the long-term financial security of the club.

Shaping our plans

The plans for the expansion and enhancement of Edgeley Park were initially announced back in 2022 when we introduced our vision and invited feedback from the local community and fans. The feedback received during the consultation has been instrumental in shaping the core objectives for the expansion:

  • Create a true ‘community stadium’ with access to a wide range of spaces for the local community.
  • Create better matchday experience for all, including more covered seating with a great view of the pitch.
  • Provide a better range and access to high-quality food and drink.
  • Improve the stadium’s accessibility for those with disabilities and additional needs.
  • Provide quick and easy routes into and away from Edgeley Park, for the benefit of fans, visitors and local residents.
  • Make Edgeley Park more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

What you told us

  • 96% supported our overarching vision for an expanded Edgeley Park
  • 96% supported our plan to provide better access for people with disabilities or additional needs
  • 96% supported our plan to introduce new, high-quality food and drink options
  • 96% supported our plan to provide quick and easy routes into and away from Edgeley Park, as well as enhanced car parking facilities
  • 93% supported our intention to adopt a ‘phased approach’ to our planned expansion of Edgeley Park

Our updated plans

Our updated plans seek to increase the overall capacity of Edgeley Park, in a series of phases, from 10,900 up to approximately 18,300.

The initial phase would include the expansion and enhancement of the historic North Stand (Danny Bergara Stand) and the construction of a new East Stand (Railway End). The expanded North Stand would provide around 600 additional seats, initially increasing the capacity of this stand to around 2679, while the new East Stand would see its capacity rise from 1366 up to around 4500. Subject to securing planning permission, the Club is looking to begin work on the North Stand and East Stand in early 2025.

As part of our longer-term plans, it is envisaged that the South Stand (Together Stand) would be redeveloped to increase its capacity to around 5,500, and also undertake an extension to the western end of the North Stand, increasing the overall capacity of the North Stand to around 3280.

In addition to increasing the stadium’s capacity, we are also looking to provide an improved range and access to high-quality food and drink options, enhance the stadium’s accessibility for our fans with mobility issues and create a greener environment around the ground.

Phasing Overview:

Phase 1a: Extension of eastern section of North Stand, increasing the capacity by 600 seats.

Phase 1b: Redevelopment of the East Stand, increasing the capacity to 4,500.

Phase 2: Redevelopment of the South Stand, increasing the capacity to 5,500.

Phase 3: Extension of the western section of the North Stand, increasing the capacity by a further 600 seats.

Improving transport, access and parking

As part of our expansion plans, we want to provide fans with quick and easy routes into and away from Edgeley Park, whilst also ensuring that disruption to the local community is kept to an absolute minimum.

Since the last phase of consultation, we have been developing a package of measures that will help ease pressure on parking around the ground and limit the effects of increased travel demand on local transport networks as a result of the stadium expansion.

Creating a greener Edgeley Park

As part of our plans for the new East and South Stands, we will redevelop the areas behind each stand to provide level-access pedestrian routes around the ground, as well as a mix of new car parking and new landscaping features.

We aim to give the external areas at Edgeley Park a softer and greener feel, whilst also ensuring these spaces meet our operational requirements.


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