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James Clark
Headteacher – Dail Park Primary School

I just wanted to send you a letter to thank you and the Community Foundation Trust for delivering the Holiday Activity Fund (HAF) at our school over the summer holidays.

Our partnership with you is vital to both the school and local community. It supports our children with opportunities to learn and partake in activities which positively impact their health and wellbeing.

Your team of skilled professionals worked tirelessly to ensure that all children who attended were well looked after, learnt lots and had fun! I hope that we will be able to provide further HAF programmes here in the future.

I am also really pleased with your continued PE provision in term time. Your team of coaches provide a great service in delivering our PE curriculum linked to our school medium and long term planning. Their lunchtime and after school club support is also loved by the children.

We are really looking forward to seeing our partnership continue to grow in the future.

Thanks and keep up the great work!”

James Jennings – September 2021

“After spending a week with the County Community Trust, I first-hand witnessed the incredible work and effort which is put in to make a powerful change to improve the community of Stockport. Dave, Ade, Matty and Chris are the heart and soul of delivering the wider community the tools to encompass each individual a clear pathway to improve their mental & physical health and well-being. The County Community Trust have a strong desire to make a positive change to people’s lives, and the community is at the heart of their planning and delivery to focus on supporting and providing a safe environment for them.

The experiences and lessons I’ve gained from my work within the Community Trust has made me understand that not only the work that goes into delivering these great initiatives and programmes aimed at improving the community, but the impact it has on the individual.

I have always been heavily involved in my previous clubs, community programmes, and have always had a genuine interest to make a difference and gain connections between myself and the community. To experience spending a week with the Trust in their day-to-day roles and working alongside their programmes I was able to gain more knowledge and gain a better understanding of the impact it makes on the lives of the community. I know the huge importance of the work with the Trust, having spent a day on the Half Term Provision Programme and attending the Walking Football Programme which I found very valuable as this gave me the opportunity to get involved with all ages and backgrounds, understanding the benefits to each individual.

I had the opportunity to attend one of the days at The Half Term Provision programmes and met the children, noticing their instant reaction to a Stockport County player was incredible which was a great way to engage with them by answering their questions, having pictures, drawing with them, and sharing some advice. I could see the big impact this Holiday Provision gave for the children as they had the opportunity to socialise and engage with other children and coaches, keep active, eat more healthily, take part in engaging activities, be kept safe and not socially isolated.

I am a big advocate in encouraging the players within the club to value the work within the community and to build relationships between the Club and Community. The influence and role of a footballer can be really beneficial, and this connection can play a significant role to not only improving the lives of others but building success within the club.”



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