Since 1890, when County first played organised League football they have had 1647 players – this is the largest number for any senior football club in the UK

To see more detailed historical information please look at the outstanding Hatters Matters website

Records to end 2021/22 season

Top 10 total appearances

Andy Thorpe555
Bob Murray495
Jim Gannon480
Mike Flynn460
John Rutter452
Bill Bocking397
Sean Connelly364
Trevor Porteous364
Johnny Price345
Billy McCulloch338

Top 10 total goal scorers

Jack Connor140
Kevin Francis117
Alf Lythgoe110
Brett Angell95
Frank Newton93
Norman Rodgers75
Harry Burgess71
Joe Hill71
Joe Foster69
Jim Gannon64

Top 10 goalkeepers – total appearances

Jack Bowles306
Ben Hinchliffe281
Alan Ogley269
Joe Butler223
Neil Edwards218
Harry Hardy214
Frank McDonough149
Graham Beighton143
Mike Salmon134
Brian Lloyd133

Top 10 defenders – total appearances

Andy Thorpe                 555
Jim Gannon                  480
Mike Flynn                    460
John Rutter                   452
Bill Bocking                   397
Sean Connelly               364
Bill Williams                  314
Lee Todd                      301
Ken Fogarty                  297
Fred Jenkinson              295

Top 10 midfielders – total appearances

Bob Murray495
Trevor Porteous364
Johnny Price345
Billy McCulloch338
Chris Beaumont325
Albert Waterall300
Tony Coyle269
Tony Dinning264
Frank Clempson261
Paul Turnbull254

Top 10 forwards – total appearances

Brett Angell241
Jack Connor217
Kevin Francis202
Alun Armstrong199
Ben Boardman195
Les Cocker189
Aaron Wilbraham185
Ian Lawther183
Hugh Ryden175
Norman Rodgers164


The following players have represented their country at senior level, whilst playing for Stockport County FC:

Harry HardyEngland1
Martin NashCanada8
Paul JonesWales1
Jarkko WissFinland9
Shefki KuqiFinland7
Petri HelinFinland6
Jim GoodwinRepublic of Ireland1
Nick ColganRepublic of Ireland3
Danny GriffinNorthern Ireland1
Ashley WilliamsWales1
Peter ThompsonNorthern Ireland1
Lois MaynardSt Kitts & Nevis5


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